Надежда Стрелец

Надежда Стрелец


Имя: (Nadezhda Strelets)

Отче­ство: Иго­рев­на

Кто такая: бло­гер, жур­на­лист, медиаменеджер

День рож­де­ния: 16 мая 1980 (43 года)

Место рож­де­ния: Воро­неж

Рост: 167 см

Вес: 70 кг

Семей­ное поло­же­ние: заму­жем

Тез­ки: Надеж­да (озна­ча­ет имя)

Знак Зоди­а­ка: Телец (опи­са­ние зна­ка)

Восточ­ный горо­скоп: Обе­зья­на

Биография Надежды Стрелец

Nadezhda Strelets is a renowned Russian journalist and media manager, who gained fame through her YouTube channel “Strelets-molodec.” She has conducted interviews with prominent figures such as Irina Shikhman, Alexander Tsypkin, and Marina Meliya, which garnered millions of views.

Надежда Стрелец

Journalist Nadezhda Strelets

Детство, юность, семья

Nadezhda was born in the spring of 1980 (some sources indicate 1986) in a family of Voronezh natives Igor and Olga Strelets. She was named after her paternal grandmother.

Надежда Стрелец

Nadezhda Strelets with her parents

Vladimir and Nadezhda met in 1941, went through the entire war, and officially started a family in liberated Prague on May 9, 1945. Nadezhda’s parents still keep their wartime letters and photographs. Nadezhda’s childhood was filled with the tenderness and love of her grandparents, and she strived to be worthy of her ancestors.

Upon completion of school, she entered Voronezh State University, where she majored in philology. After graduating with a degree in philology and literary studies, she decided to relocate to the capital, where she saw more prospects for herself.

Media Career

In 2007, Strelets became the managing editor of the Top4Top web portal, a resource for intellectuals led by Dmitry Dibrov and headed by Lev Novozhenov. Less than a year later, Nadezhda was invited to the First Channel as a project promotion manager. One of her first projects was “Gorodskie pijony.”

Nadежда Стрелец

Nadezhda Strelets in her younger years

Over the next decade, Strelets held several positions, including editorial director at FashionTime, digital director of Elle Russia, and publisher of the fashion magazine InStile. She also engaged in scientific research, studying English modernism and contributing as a film critic.

In 2019, Nadezhda stated in an interview:

My own business was a logical continuation of what I successfully did on various projects: today I sell content, special projects, and consulting for brands and corporate media in the digital sphere. My main coach, motivator, and teacher is my son. With his appearance, I began to set truly ambitious goals for myself. As he grows, so do my ambitions.

This “own business” became her YouTube project “Strelets-molodec,” which she launched in the spring of 2020. The debut episode was an interview with her colleague-interviewer Irina Shikhman, where they discussed the state of journalism, bloggers, and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Nadezhda’s subsequent guests included film critic Anton Dolin, coach for billionaires Marina Meliya, and writer Alexander Tsypkin.

Engaging discussions also took place with composer Kirill Richter, blogger Tatiana Mingalimova, and figure skating coach Ilya Averbukh. Neurobiologist Tatiana Chernigovskaya shared insights on how to enhance intelligence and how our brains deceive us, and Nikolai Vavilov, a sinologist, discussed the issue of Russia’s salvation by China. Nikolay Tsiskaridze shared his views on understanding art and watching ballet, while singer Ketie Topuria partially revealed the mystery of her relationship with Prima Donna.

In addition to interview videos, Strelets shares short posts and thoughts with her followers. In one of them, the blogger defined her vision of the world:

The apocalypse has come. Hate, insults, threats, overwhelming toxicity, trampling of elementary ethical norms, terabytes of fakes, specially trained bots in networks, physical destruction, moral, ethical, cultural and psychological pressure – the world will never be the same. But most of all in this chaos, in this hell, in this cauldron of lies and blood, I am not afraid of those people who are paid for this and who do everything from all sides to destroy or demoralize the other side, but those who KNOW THE TRUTH.

Personal Life of Nadezhda Strelets

It is known that Nadezhda has been married three times. However, she prefers not to dwell on her first two husbands.

In 2015, while still in her second marriage, Nadezhda gave birth to her son Platon – since then, the main inspiration for Strelets’ vibrant activity. The woman shared happy moments during and after her pregnancy on her social media pages. In one of the photos, she showed the baby’s father, but she never disclosed his name.

Nadezhda Strelets

Nadezhda Strelets with her elder son, Platon

Soon after, the family fell apart. Strelets didn’t remain single for long. In 2017, she met entrepreneur Maxim Dergalev on Tinder. Their relationship rapidly developed, but Nadezhda did not rush into marriage. Only in 2020 did the couple officially formalize their relationship, and a year later, their second son, Pyotr, was born. Nadezhda refers to her third husband as her closest friend, supporting and approving her activities in every way.

Nadezhda Strelets

Maxim Dergalev with son Pyotr

Maxim works with various companies, and his initial business was a tea shop in Omsk, which he opened with his brother Anton. He later moved to Moscow. In the early 2000s, Dergalev, in partnership with businessman Mikhail Vikhman, launched the community Inshaker. When Nadezhda developed an interest in yoga, Maxim founded the company “Yoga Day.” The couple are also ardent travelers, sometimes visiting two to three countries a year. One of Strelets’ favorite destinations is the Tuscan region in Italy.

Nadezhda Strelets Today

2022 was a challenging year for everyone. Bloggers began to more frequently invite politicians and experts, inquiring about their forecasts for the world’s future. Strelets dedicated several episodes to political themes, but then decided to diversify the interview topics. She spoke with forensic expert Eduard Tumanov about the mysteries of Marilyn Monroe’s death, a group of students on Dyatlov Pass, as well as insights into death from a nuclear explosion.

Nadezhda Strelets

Nadezhda Strelets in 2022

Actor Pavel Priluchny openly shared about his divorce, depression, and second marriage, as well as his creative prospects. With Tatiana Bakalchuk, Nadezhda discussed the Wildberries business empire, and with algologist Anton Loboda, they explored various types of pain and ways to manage it.

In one of the latest interviews of the year, Strelets conversed with renowned figure skater Tatiana Navka, discussing the ice show, TV presenter Ivan Urgant, figure skater Kamila Valieva, and Russia’s exclusion from international sports.

Interesting Facts

  • Nadezhda Strelets considers Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland” as her favorite book of all time. She regards it as a treasure trove of philosophical wisdom, “presented through simple figurative means.” Among other beloved works are Stefan Zweig’s Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman, Anton Chekhov’s Ward No. 6, and Marina Melia’s Leave the Child Alone.
  • In Strelets’ photo archive, there are numerous intriguing snapshots with celebrities. One of them is with actress Monica Bellucci, who visited Moscow as the ambassador at the opening of the Dolce & Gabbana perfume and cosmetics corner at TSUM in 2014. Despite her age, the Italian actress has no intention of resorting to plastic surgery, but still looks fantastic. Nadezhda wrote about this in Elle Russia.
  • In 2016, Strelets participated in the “One Hundred to One” project with Alexander Gurevich. She competed for the team “And Sergey too” from Elle Russia. Their opponents in the game were representatives of the team “Machine Gunners” from Maxim, who emerged victorious.
  • Nadezhda believes that the 21st-century world has become insincere, albeit differently from 20–30 years ago. Nobody suspects what is really happening with a person while they broadcast glamorous photos on social media. She believes that “everyone in our time becomes the PR manager of their own life” and regards the ability to listen to the interlocutor as the most valuable form of respect.
  • Nadezhda refers to her “unfinished gestalt” as the French language she never managed to learn.
  • Nadezhda’s favorite foreign expression is “Great minds think alike,” which means “great minds think alike” in a literal sense but conveys the idea that trends and ideas are in the air.

Key Events in Nadezhda Strelets’ Life

  1. 2002: Graduated from the philological faculty of Voronezh State University.
  2. 2007: Relocated to Moscow. Became the managing editor of the Top4Top portal.
  3. 2008: Became a participant in the launch of the “Gorodskie pijony” project. Assumed the position of editorial director at the online magazine Fashion Time.
  4. 2013: Became digital director at Elle Russia.
  5. 2015: Gave birth to her son Platon.
  6. 2018: Became digital director at InStile.ru.
  7. 2020: Became the host of the YouTube project “Strelets-molodec.” Nominated for the “Interviewer of the Year” award within the framework of the Third National Prize in the field of web industry. Married businessman Maxim Dergalev.
  8. 2021: Gave birth to her son Pyotr. Nominated for the TEFI award in the “Videoblog” and “Interviewer” categories.
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